Sunday, January 20, 2013

Meme... No Winter Whining... Finding Color in Winter!

When I first started out with the idea of finding colour in winter in this blog post, I decided to email Jen and ask her if she was up for the challenge to find colour in the snow along with me for some future posts...

Of course, Jen was game but she told me...  "the thought of driving or walking around looking for a blue barn, would set me over the edge", and so the idea to come up with a variety of posts merged our thoughts together.

With a little persuasion, Lynn joined in along with Laura....

.... and thus started our "No Winter Whining" series... doesn't matter if you have snow or not where you live, you still go through the seasons and I imagine, there must be times when you long for the time when the season changes so you can partake in a few different activities... so please join in!

... and I've started a new "page" which will list the challenges going on.

Today it's my turn to host the challenge, and lucky me, I got my first pick of finding colour in winter...'s hard though....

...finding colour where you think there is none... especially when you live in a remote area where there are few inhabitants whose yard you can lurk around in admire!

...but I tried..., I hope you enjoy!

Purple flowers

Yellow flowers
Cream, terra cotta, brown, gray, rust

Blue barrel

Red stripe on boat

Green grass

Rust pine cones

Gray Whiskey Jack

Don't forget, we have a Face Book page, and we would love to have you post your thoughts and photos of winter, and “like us.”

We've also set up a No Winter Whining board on Pinterest if you would like to be added to that board just drop us an email at
Happy life!


  1. Gorgeous photos/photography . . . love your powdery like snow flakes . . . I will join in with this although my photo taking won't be until later today. Thank you for the idea and hosting and the invite from Lynn.

  2. Love your colors! That bird photo is great. Will be linking up shortly-- and thanks!!

  3. It is always lovely to see a splash of colour in the winter months. I've joined in with my Splash of red cardinal. I don't do Facebook or Pinterest so won't be joining there, but will be visiting the others to see what colour they can find.
    You found lots of bits of colour in the otherwise black and white landscape.

  4. Heather, I think that you have done a great job, it's harder and more challenging then we thought it would be, but it's also more fun.

    I LOVE!!!the photo of the boat, it's magical, mystical...and makes me wonder where it is headed in your frosty countryside.


  5. Well Heather, you did it. Congratulations on hosting the first No Winter Whining. Thank you for all the hard work in bringing all our plans together. Your pictures are gorgeous. The links are grand. I’ve met new people and am looking forward to the rest of the season’s contributions. Happy Sunday.

  6. Hi Heather. This is my first visit to your blog and I am linking up to your first No Winter Whining blog party. Thank you for hosting. I'm not going to whine but it is snowing and blowing here yet again, this afternoon. I'll spend it looking for some colour in blogs. Have a great day. Blessings, Pamela

  7. Lovely shots Heather, it's amazing how much colour you can find once you actually start looking for it! Linking up, thanks for this wonderful idea!

  8. Love that little bird, which I've never seen before, Heather. Thank you for hosting this creative meme today.

  9. These are great, but it's the boat for me. The idea as well as that red stripe pulls me out of winter monochrome-brain. Thanks.


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