Sunday, January 27, 2013

Winter, I embrace thee....

There is no round ball on this structure to form this snowball!
Winter, the time of year when nature takes a long needed break, preparing itself for the new seasons to come when it will indulge itself in a flurry of rebirth, growth, and life!

Up here where I live, it's easy to see that it's winter... no matter from where you are around the world, you just have to look at my photos and you can pretty well guess that it is winter... deep winter!

My plant rack!
This may not be so true in other countries, and even in some places in Canada; there are some places that, while it is winter, they may get little snow, they may get rain instead... flowers may still bloom, plants may still thrive... and there is no snow!

Here in my little world though, the snow will most likely be around for many months, well into May...

... and we can go from snow on the ground one day to hot hot temperatures the next... shocking our system and making the so anticipated pleasure of participating in spring activities a non-event as our bodies try to adjust to what appears to be full fledged summer, teasing us, tempting us to dig in the earth in search of new growth, all the while fooling us as the ground below still lies frozen!

Country pride!

And so, while the anticipation of warm days in the sun, sipping lemonade and eating cucumber sandwiches under the shade of a gauze curtained gazebo entertains my mind... I must remember to appreciate the long cold winter that enfolds me in its crystal arms, nips my nose and bites my toes, freezes my cheeks and frosts my breath... for I know that winter is only the intermission in Mother Nature's carefully conducted orchestra that is the prelude to a delightful melody which will commence with a simple minuet and grow into a wonderful harmonious crescendo of colour, scents and sounds, tantalizing all my senses with its glorious beauty, until her next intermission!

Happy life!


  1. What a lovely post on winter, with great photos too.


  2. Great photos, Heather. ��

  3. The pristine of winter white certainly gives credence to peacefulness . . . indeed . . . beauty.

  4. Good morning Heather. What a beautiful post! I love what you wrote and it is pretty well true here in the Maritimes that we often go from winter to spring overnight. I'll be joining this afternoon with my NWW post. Blessings, Pamela

  5. Great pictures! I had to put on my thinking cap as we have had little snow, and I keep next to no structures out this time of year. Thanks for the challenge! Will link up shortly.

  6. Your words were so engrossing I passed right by your pictures and had to go back up to see them. Well done, Heather.

  7. Coming from a climate that grew flowers all winter...the first snowdrops in January, to this one where I am "embraced with crystal arms" [I love that], is not easy. I'm learning, abiding my time until the sudden spring.

    Love what you wrote, it's beautiful, tender, and accepting of your climate.

    And the stepladder makes my heart sing.


  8. It seems Mother Nature puts on quite a show during intermission, don't you think? Beautiful, beautiful post...both words and pictures!

  9. Winter has never made me whine. I think it is the perfect backdrop for slow cookers and warm drinks. Big books and bigger blankets.
    BTW I couldn't use your photo from the sidebar for my post. The link is broken.

    1. Thanks for letting me know Lori, the link is now fixed!

  10. I follow Pamela Gordon's blog which lead me to yours. You have way more snow than we have and I'm just south of Barrie, Ontario. Not sure which province you're in but I do love how the snow has settled on your garden structures. I'll look for some photos to join NWW.

  11. I love the ladder image, Heather. It's been a long time since I lived somewhere that had so much snow. I've been spoiled by first Florida winters and now SoCal. For those of us that don't have to deal with the realities of living with snow, it is beautiful to look at and to experience, but I know living with it is challenging. So glad you are doing this series to focus on the positive that winter weather brings. Ann

  12. Beautiful Heather...You make winter inviting.
    You're right all of our seasons have a place and a reason, they should be embraced and not rushed. Thank you for this xx

  13. I just found this! Kinda late for the party but I did enjoy your post!

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