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I wanted to make it easy for people to find any challenges that may be going on in my blog, and so this is the page for that.

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Title: No Winter Whining

When I first started out with the idea of finding colour in winter in this blog post, I decided to email Jen and ask her if she was up for the challenge to find colour in the snow along with me for some future posts...

Of course, Jen was game but she told me...  "the thought of driving or walking around looking for a blue barn, would set me over the edge", and so the idea to come up with a variety of posts merged our thoughts together.

With a little persuasion, Lynn joined in along with Laura....

.... and thus started our "No Winter Whining" series... doesn't matter if you have snow or not where you live, you still go through the seasons and I imagine, there must be times when you long for the time when the season changes so you can partake in a few different activities... so please join in! 

This is a weekly series, every Sunday, posts in this series will include the following topics: Finding color in winter; Structures in winter; Nature in winter; Favorite part of winter!

Posts will run from January 20 until February 9, 2013 (unless extended by the group).

All further details will appear on the post for that week. 

Grab the text on the right column of my blog (under the No Winter Whining pic) and place it on your blog to show you've joined in the fun!

Don't forget, we have a Face Book page, and we would love to have you post your thoughts and photos of winter, and “like us.”

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Have fun!

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